Our Services

Individual and Family Services

Financial Planning W/ Cash Flow Management-  The heart of helping clients reach their financial goals and dreams. We develop customized, written financial plans for clients to act as a road map in helping them reach their goals. We start by analyzing your personal situation and then provide a realistic approach and expectation for reaching your goals. We are then able to factor in potential life changes that may impact your chances of achieving your goals. Our clients are given access to their own personal financial portal through e-money which allows them to track and manage all of their accounts and spending to closer monitor any deviations to their plan. 

Retirement Planning- For most individuals their company sponsored retirement account will be their biggest asset. We take great pride in being able to help clients understand the paperwork they will receive and the best options they have for extending the life of their retirement funds. How investors take their funds can have a significant impact to their tax liabilities and the remaining amount they have to use throughout retirement. Proper planning allows clients to avoid these pitfalls and maximize their retirement savings. 

Investment Advising- Providing an unbiased assessment of a clients current holdings and educate clients on their assets, as well as offer a range of securities from: stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETF's, alternative investments, and private placement contracts.

Portfolio Management and Analysis- Investing is what we are passionate about. As professional investors we develop appropriate risk models for our clients and handle the selection of investments for client portfolios to reach their goals. We then manage the ongoing monitoring and maintenance of the portfolio allowing peace of mind to our clients.       

Estate Planning-  Planning for our eventual demise or the thought of one day needing long-term care medical assistance is never an easy conversation to have with your family. Our legal partners, through Abound Wealth Strategies, are able to assist clients with all the legal paper work and options associated with this planning. Be it establishing wills, Power of Attorney, medical directives, revocable and irrevocable trust for Medicaid, or deeding of property to family; our legal team will be there to assist in the process.   

Life insurance and Annuity planning- Unforeseen death or disability can cause financial hardship and disaster on our loved ones. We will make sure that your family has the appropriate amount of protection via forms of life insurance or disability coverage to continue to care for your loved ones. Through insurance analysis, we will make sure that you are not overpaying for coverage that you may no longer need. For many clients annuities are tricky areas and hard to understand. With our professional help, we can better educate our clients on annuities and their misconceptions, as well as determine if your pre-exisiting annuties are still right for you.    

Business Consulting Services

Risk Management- No one knows their business better than the business owner. We are able to provide an objective view of your organization and discuss possible threats from a cash flow perspective as well as an efficiency perspective that will result in greater returns to your business. 

Key Man Coverage- We focus on the key individuals of your organization and through proper planning and protection can act as an incentive for employees remaining with your firm as well as help business owners protect against the cost and uncertainty of an untimely death to a key employee.

401(k), Deferred Comp and Retirement plans- As companies move from providing pensions to their employees, to employees having to fund more of their own retirement; the correct 401k and deferred compensation plans have the ability to help businesses attract and retain the top talent in their fields. We can help with the initiation of new plans and handle the hassles of maintaining IRS compliance. As well, we can help business owners save more and potentially reduce tax expenses through properly handling your 401k or deferred comp plan. Give us a call to request a free quote.